The peer-reviewed scientific journal NEHNUTELNOSTI A BÝVANIE (Property and Housing) was founded in 2006 as the first scientific journal in the Slovak Republic devoted to issues of housing and real estate in broader interrelations. The grant project of the Dutch government MATRA significantly supported the foundation of the journal. In Slovakia, the project MATRA aimed to cooperate and support the creation of the institutional environment in housing with the emphasis on the development of rental housing.  On behalf of the Slovak University of Technology, the chief investigator was Professor Koloman Ivanička and Associate Professor Daniela Špirková. Professor Ivanička was the one who significantly contributed to the foundation, development and high quality of the journal NEHNUTELNOSTI A BÝVANIE as the chairman of the Editorial Board in the years 2006 - 2013. The journal was designated not only for researchers of universities with building or building-economic specializations. It gives the opportunities also for representatives from practice, municipalities and state administration in the field of housing policy and financing to present their results, knowledge and problems, the solutions for which have been searched at present. 


The Property and Housing journal presents the refereed results of original scientific research, and new developments in policy and practice in the fields of housing, real estate market, building, development process, economics and finance. The journal covers the broad spectrum of topics and approaches that, including analysis of important public policy issues. The current difficult situation of production and consumption activities has also determined a weakness of real estate economy. The main problems are the subordination of public decision-making, which is subjected to pressure from big companies, inefficient appraisal procedures, excessive use to financial leverage in investment projects and the financialization of real estate markets with widespread negative effects.


The aim of the Property and Housing journal is to give international exposure to recent developments, providing a forum for the exchange and discussion of new ideas. The journal benefits a diverse readership of scientists, specialists, practitioners and policy-makers in government and in organizations dealing with housing and urban issues. Property and Housing publishes high quality articles on basic and applied research.

Research fields of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Housing policy
  • Housing market
  • Housingeconomics and finance
  • Management and investments
  • Projects and economic effects on environment
  • Economic valuation of real estate investment projects
  • Public policy
  • Land management
  • Real estate market and finance
  • International studies
  • Law and regulation


The journal will not consider for publication contributions having clear signs of any form of plagiarism, duplicate, multiple, or simultaneous submission. In practice journal refuses. The author is responsible for scientific accuracy, originality, and the formal appropriateness of the article. If the submitted article has been published in another journal in any form (article, working paper, etc.), it cannot be accepted.


The Property and Housing journal uses the double blind peer review process prior to publication of new submitted manuscripts. All submissions are initially assessed by the Editorial Board for suitability for the journal. The Editorial Board is responsible for the final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of articles.